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Updated: Jan 7

How to write a book…….


I decided to write a book in 2023.


I can’t knit or make quilts and I have to do something creative in retirement. (It’s obligatory)

I leapt in with both feet.


I started with the Australian Writers’ Centre and can recommend their courses They focus on your prose. It’s surprising how many mistakes you can make in that one small area.


It was news to me that you should always use contractions, never use adverbs and describe rather than name, emotions. Filter words are right out. You can google them and scan your manuscript. I am a repeat offender. I read a lot but hadn’t picked these things up.


The problem with a narrow focus is that your plot is more likely to get you published. It has to be interesting and not ‘done’ a million times. You should think of a hook before writing for 12 months. How else do you sell the damn thing to your readers?


Publishing is another sharp learning curve. I had no idea writers earn so little or that it’s so competitive. Yes, I am really that innocent. You are doing well if you earn back your advance. It makes me keen to support Dymocks and pay full price.


Even if you don’t care about the money, there is no purpose in writing a book no one reads. I am crossing this shaky territory at the moment. Thank God for Kindle publishing if I get stuck. It's great to have a back up................ And I would be worse at quilting.

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