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How to Wack Together a Perfect Brain and Body

Updated: May 22

Best 5 Non-fiction Books in Health/Science I’ve Read This Year


In my job I get exposed to high numbers of health/science books. It’s an occupational hazard. Some are useless while others are really good. I have cobbled together the best I’ve read lately.


1) Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. Insomnia is a big topic at the moment because of a sleep series featuring Dr Michael Mosley on SBS. Matthew Walker’s book is better. It is a clear concise description of the importance of sleep in our lives and how to prioritise it. No magic tricks but clear evidence-based science.


2) Why We Die by Venki Ramakrishnan. This is a ballsy work by a Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry on the biology of aging. It helps if you have some science background but he writes well. Excellent and interesting.


3)  Why We Remember: The Science of Memory and How It shapes Us by Charan Ranganath Memory is a big deal in my work. I deal with PTSD and dementia regularly. This book is an excellent review of the surprising changes in the understanding of memory and how we form and maintain it. Relevant, factual and interesting.


4) The Cancer Finishing School by Peter Goldsworthy. This is a personal journey of a S Australian GP diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He goes through a bone marrow transplant knowing it will prolong his life but not cure him. He genuinely loves his work but has to adjust as he gets sicker. His perspective on living well with chronic illness is interesting.


5) Gut by Guilia Enders. This quirky, funny book discusses the central role of your gut in your health and has a section focused on your brain-gut connection. It’s easy to read and is stuffed full of fascinating information. The main theme is treat your gut well and it will benefit your whole health.

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